Kin Club of Woolwich Summer Raffle 2019

Last Updated: July 2, 2019

Winners for the Draw

1st Prize Ticket number: 335 (Rus-Ton Group)

2nd Price Ticket Number: 049 (Craig R)

Be our guest as we host your dinner party in your own home or location of your choosing within 1.5 hours of K-W. (Winner must supply location)

2 Grand Prizes: 

Prize 1: Gourmet Dinner for 10

Prize 2: Backyard BBQ for 20

Great for summer parties, family gatherings, sports teams, work functions or a dinner with family or friends.

We come to you, we cook for you, we serve you and your guests and we cleanup. No fuss, no muss, no bother!

Winners choose: different menu options available

Dinner can be held at other winner supplied location within 1.5 hours of Kitchener-Waterloo area.


See ticket for other terms and conditions


Pamper Yourself for a Year Lottery Fundraising Groups

Fundraising Options for Other Charities (Schools, sports teams, community groups)

Looking for a creative way to raise funds for your own charity? Here’s how you can use the Pamper Yourself Lottery to raise funds for your community group:

  • Groups wishing to sell the tickets as a fund raiser must sell a minimum of 20 tickets.
  • Groups must sell 20 tickets in order to receive the 50% of the ticket sales proceeds.
  • A list of all groups that are selling tickets will be listed on the site.
  • Once groups have returned their sold ticket stubs, money and unsold tickets, a donation will be made to your group equal to 50% of the sold ticket amount.

Find out how you can use ‘The Pamper Yourself Lottery’ to help your not-for-profit group to raise funds, email Bill McBay at

Special Information For Groups Selling Tickets

Thanks for agreeing to sell some tickets for the Pamper Yourself for a Year Raffle. This document is intended to outline your responsibilities with regard to the raffle. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and we can discuss further. Please keep in mind that this raffle is licensed through the AGCO and has to adhere to specific guidelines. It is all our responsibility to ensure we follow those guidelines and keep the integrity of the raffle high.

Important Dates

Saturday March 7, 2015 – Main draw at The Central Tavern in Elmira. All sold tickets must be returned along with full payment prior to this date so they can make part of the final draw. Tickets can be returned prior to this date by contacting me directly to arrange a pick up or drop off time.

Important Notes

  • ALL funds for the sale of tickets MUST accompany the ticket stubs in order to make them qualify to go into the draw.
  • Once your group has returned all the sold ticket stubs, cash for full value and unsold tickets and any cheques that were collected have cleared, The Kin Club of Woolwich will write a cheque to your group for 50% of the ticket revenue generated by your group.
  • Cheques will be accepted and should be made payable to ‘Kin Club Of Woolwich’.
  • NSF cheques will be charged a fee to the group that sold the ticket of $25. (the cost of the ticket and the $5 service fee)
  • Groups must be in good standing with the Kin Club of Woolwich before any cheques will be written for tickets sold.
  • In order to be in good standing, your group must return all sold and unsold tickets and money from those sales.
  • If you have an excess of unsold tickets in your possession and your sales have slowed down, please contact me so we can arrange to pick up those tickets and have them moved to another group.
  • Groups must sell a minimum of 20 tickets in order to receive payment for the ticket sold.

Contact Information

Kim Carroll – 519-503-8086 –

Bill McBay – 519-589-2583 –

Thanks so much for your support and good luck with your ticket sales!

Here is the list of all the groups selling Pamper Yourself Tickets:

Groups Selling Tickets

  • Woolwich Figure Skating Club
  • Elmira District Secondary School
  • Elmira Nursery School
  • Cambridge Coyotes Bantam Blue Minor Girls Softball Team

Family Movie Night (Cancelled)

Due to rain, the Family Fun Night has been cancelled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you next year.

When: August 10, 2012

Where: Mill and Arthur St, Elmira beside encore dance studio

Starting at 4:00 pm


  • Kiddie Fun Trak rides
  • balloon artists
  • musicians
  • face painting
  • bbq from 5 – 7
  • family movie from 9to 11




Join us for free rides & inflatables. Enjoy music, buskers, face painting, balloon artists, magic shows and bbq (free will donation) and a family movie to top off the evening. It will be a fun filled day brought to you by the Elmira BIA and The Kin Club of Woolwich!

Pamper Yourself for a Year Lottery Draw – Main Draw March 10, 2012

The draw is now over.  We would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket.

Update May 7, 2012

Congratulations once again to all the winners of this year’s Pamper Raffle.

The process of obtaining the approximately $20,000 in gift cards for all 131 winners is a massive undertaking to say the least.  As of today, May 7, 2012 we have heard from all the winners on what Gift Cards they would like and have started the process of obtaining them for distribution.  Our expectation is to have all the Gift Cards sorted and ready for mail no later than this Friday May 11, 2012.  Your patience with us during this time a greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for your support and congratulations on your prize.  Kin Club of Woolwich – Past President, Bill McBay

Here are all of the winning ticket numbers. All winners will be contacted.

Search tip: In Windows, if you press <CTRL>+F and type in your ticket number,  you should be able to search within the PDF document instead of trying to find the ticket by looking at all the numbers.

[PDF format] Pamper Draw Winning Tickets 2012




GRAND PRIZE 52 x $50 Gift Certificates of your choice*
2nd Prize 52 x $25 Gift Certificates of your choice*
3rd Prize 12 winners of 12x$50 Gift Certificates of your choice*
4th Prize 12 winners of 12x$25 Gift Certificates of your choice*
5th Prize 52 winners of 1x$50 Gift Certificates of your choice*
6th Prize 52 winners of 1x$25 Gift Certificates of your choice*

Draw Dates:

Early Bird Draw – Dec 22, 2011
Main Draw – March 10. 2012

  • The early bird draw will take place at the Central Tavern in Elmira.
  • The early bird price will be 52 x $25 gift certificates of your choice.

Net Proceeds:

  • Womens Crisis Services of Waterloo Region
  • Waterloo Ravens PeeWee BB
  • Add your team, school or charity group

Find out how you can use ‘Pamper Yourself for a Year’ to help your not-for-profit group to raise funds, email Bill McBay. See Looking for a Creative New Way to Fundraise for more details.

If you would like to order tickets, please provide your contact information below:

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Download flyer for Pamper Yourself For A Year [PDF Format]

Click the picture below to view the flyer for the draw

Download flyer for Pamper Yourself For A Year [PDF Format]




Welcome to KIN Club of Woolwich

Welcome to the home of the Kin Club of Woolwich. We are a very dedicated group of individuals who strive to make our community a better place through fund raising projects, community service and giving back to our members through friendship, fellowship, personal & professional growth and sharing many, many laughs. As a new club, (chartered October 2, 2010) we are still in the building stages. Our club is a blank canvas that, along with those members that join in the next few months, will further shape the goals and vision needed to accomplish all that we set out to do, which includes not only fund raising and community service, but also having a LOT of fun!

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