Last time updated: March 5, 2011

Congratulations to all the  Winners!!!

Woolwich Kin - Pamper Yourself for a Year Lottery Raffle

Main Draw Winners

Grand Prize Winners – 52 x $50 Gift Certificates Ben Morris, Jean Hanna, Laura Marrone 

Second Prize Winners – 4 x $50 Gift Certificates Tina Littler, Rodney White, Bruce MacLeod, Rhiannon Ball 

Third Prize Winners – 3 x $50 Gift Certificates Karl Jordan Beth, Ann McDermott, Jane Poitkas, Terry Siebert 

Fourth Prize Winners – 1 x $50 Gift Certificates Erin Lane-Oliphant, Mary Kelly, Dennis Brubacher, Stephanie Smits, Lloyd Kuepfer, Jennifer Creelman, Wayne Mick, Wendy Snyder, Don Beattie, Scott Philp, Darrell Martin, Tony Krasovec

Early Bird Draw Winner

 52 x $50 Gift Certificates Lori Case 




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