The Kin Club of Woolwich 2011 Executive Announced

We held our final KIN meeting for the current year last night. There were lots of special guests including many from other KIN clubs, there were many awards given out, a cheque presentation to Anselma house for over 22,000, inducted new members and the 2011/2012 executive was installed. We have a new president!! Congratuations to Tina Littler!! She is our new president for 2011/2012. The new year starts in September  and it looks like she has an exciting year ahead of her.

We would like to give special thanks to Chris Kekes (Zone A Deputy Governer) for installing our new executive and Colleen Wake (District 1 Governer) for inducting four new members.


Here is a list of the rest of the executive:

2011 Executive

President – Tina Littler

Vice President & Registrar – Melanie McNeil

Membership Director – Tanya Demas

Secretary,Risk ManagerCarolynne Champagne

Service Director – Brandy Zilney

Awards Chairperson – Beth Hannah

Past President – Bill McBay

Webmaster – Warren McNeil

Treasurer – Dorothy Reed 

Bulletin Editor – Cassie Wallace

2 comments to The Kin Club of Woolwich 2011 Executive Announced

  • Chris Kekes

    It was indeed a pleasure to install your new Executive yesterday and even greater pleasure to spend the evening with your entire club as you celebrated a successful year and kicked off a new year. Congratulations to all the award winners and the new Executive and I look forward to my visits with your fantastic Club in this new Kin year.

    Chris Kekes
    Zone A Deputy Governor

  • Terri Iredale

    Thank you Woolwich Kin club for inviting me to share in your evening. It was a pleasure to be there to hear of your complishments this past year ( your “first” year ) and to watch your New Executive and New Members be installed into your Club.

    Please let me know if you need any help in filling those 2 last “key” roles within your Executive..

    All the best for this upcoming KIN year.

    Yours in KIN,

    Terri Iredale
    District Treasurer/Risk Manager

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