Update April 28, 2013

Hello everyone!

First off, thank you again for purchasing a ticket for our raffle.  Please check out our website again in the Fall for the sale of tickets.

Secondly, I apologize on behalf of Shop and Support for the lengthy time it has take for all of your gift cards to come in.

I have all of the gift cards sorted out for you to pick up.  Pick up location will be at 22 Frederick St., Ste. 330 (corner of King & Frederick St. behind the Crabby Joe’s restaurant in the Sunlife building that connects to Market Square).  Our office hours are 8:30am-5pm Mon – Fri.

Thank you again for your support!




Update: April 15, 2013

We have heard back from all our winners and have ordered their gift cards. Unfortunately, some of the cards were on back order. As completed orders get filled, we will touch base with winners to arrange pick up.

Here is the list of all the winners for this years Pamper Yourself for a Year Lottery


Grand Prize: 52x $100 gift certificates – Jackie Worsely

Second Prize: 52x $50 gift certificates – Leslie Esbaugh

Third Prize: 12x $100 gift certificates – Lois Armstrong & Sarah Brubacher

Forth Prize: 12x $50 gift certificates – Tina Littler & Sherry Brito

Fifth Prize: 12 individual draws for a $100 gift certificate  –

Dave Reed
Christine Cudney
Melissa Bishop
Sharon Brown
Colette McGlynn
James Fries
Donn Goddins
Sue Dunlop
Neil Cotton
Stephen Bleizeffer
Gord Ellis
Anne Benest


A big congratulations goes out to all the winners of the lottery. The Kin Club of Woolwich would like to thank everybody for their support. Stay tuned for details about the next lottery.

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